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Student Login? Click here. Your circle time should reflect the needs and interests of the children in your care. Make sure you have a defined space that you use each day for circle time. Give each preschooler a specific spot to sit with enough space that they do not have to touch one another. Carpet squares work well for this. Follow the same basic schedule each day for circle time.

That way the children know what to expect as well as what is expected of them. Choose activities that work for your class. Each group will be different, so you may have to adapt. Some children love singing songs while others would much rather listen to a story. Hands upon my head I place Upon my shoulders and on my face At my waist and by my side And then behind me they will hide And then I'll raise them way up high And let my fingers fly, fly, fly With a clap, clap, clap And a one, two, three Lets see how quiet we can be!

If your class is having difficulty sitting still, try adding activities that include movement.

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Place these activities before something that you want them to be able to sit still and focus on. For example, have the children stretch or do morning exercises before story time. Puppets are a fun way to engage young children in a group discussion or activitity. Close menu. Child Care Training. Individual Classes. Staff Training. CDA Classes. State Approval. Activity Ideas. Anti-Bias Approach. Curriculum Activities.

circle activity for preschool

General Activities. General Preschool Themes.

Circle Time Activities to Build Literacy Skills

Literacy-based Activities. Seasonal Preschool Themes. General Articles. Articles for Directors.Although preschool students probably still struggle to identify various shapes, they are probably most familiar with circles. To reinforce this concept, try out this lesson plan on circle shapes.

CIRCLE Activity Collection: Pre-K to Grade 2 Classroom

Preschool students enjoy make circles and using them, and this lesson plan will help them to do just that. Draw a circle on the board, and hand out copies of circles for students to trace. Trace the circle on the board while singing the following chant:. While you continue to trace the circle on the board, encourage them to trace the circles on their papers. Then encourage them to try making circles on their own while singing the chant.

Give each student a bottle cap, jar lid, or other circular object. Show students how to trace around the object to create a circle. Then help them cut out the circles and stack them in a pile. Show them how to glue their circles in a row on another piece of paper to create a caterpillar.

Provide students with art supplies to draw a face on their caterpillars and decorate each of its parts as they desire.

Have students identify objects in the classroom that are circles. For example, students may identify a clock, the eraser on a pencil, a light fixture, or a bracelet. You can also have students draw pictures of other things made of circles: a snowman, the moon, or a button.

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Alternatively, take a nature walk with students and encourage them to point out any circles that they find. Try out some of the activities in this lesson plan on circle shapes. Preschool students will love learning more about shapesespecially the more familiar circle.

Page content. Article authored by Keren Perles.Literacy skills do not just develop overnight. She emphasizes the importance of building the framework for literacy in preschool and even before then. But where do you even begin? We took to the Internet to identify some of the best literacy activities for preschoolers. Hands on as We Grow came up with a letter familiarity activity that will get your little ones moving and their creative juices flowing.

Toddler Approved came up with this fantastic letter recognition game, especially recommended for kids who love knocking things over. The preparation is minimal and only requires a pool noodle, some popsicle sticks and letter stickers. Storytime has a hands-on element with Deborah J. Stewart has her students pass the bottle around while she reads them a story in class.

circle activity for preschool

She reports that the bottles keep her students calm while engaging more of their attention in the story. Her post on Teach Preschool includes directions, materials and even pictures for easy reference. Picture a bin with a crocodile face on top, filled with letters and surprise cards. The student holding the crocodile then pulls a letter and calls it out. Extra surprise cards can let you repeat a turn, reverse directions or anything else you want to include.

Making Learning Fun includes directions and free printables to make things easy.

circle activity for preschool

The perfect accompaniment to a dinosaur-themed unit, this activity from How Wee Learn allows students to practice letter recognition while playing archeologist. Drop a few magnetic letters onto a cookie sheet, writing the letters you chose on a piece of paper for your students to use as a key. When they find one, they must match it to their paper key before continuing the hunt. Little Bins for Little Hands gives the classic sensory bins a twist by using objects that all start with the same letter.

Preschool Activities for a Snowman Made Out of Circles : Various Kids' Crafts

Tape the letter on the front of each box, or let the kids guess the letter as they examine the objects. Either way, these sensory bins transform a fun, hands-on play activity into a literacy lesson. Tape a bunch of letters to a wall, call out the sounds and have your kids throw the snowball at the letter represented. As an added bonus, kids get to work on their coordination as well as their alphabet.

A deck of cards and some duct tape can transform any wall into a correspondence and number recognition system. This one could even turn into a class scavenger hunt with cards taped on surfaces throughout the room. Teach simple word families with this activity suggested by Fun-A-Day. Golf tees stuck in a Styrofoam base create the perfect platform to interchange different letters written on ping-pong balls. This game lends itself to giggling and throwing the ping-pong balls, and all shenanigans can count as literacy training.

The title of this activity explains it all.Every preschool program needs circle time for group interaction. This is a time to build structure into the program, so the children know what to expect each day. These ideas will help build a sense of togetherness, community a time for sharing, and a fun learning environment for the kids.

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. Everyone dances willy nilly. Suddenly, stop the song, but don't sing to the end of a verse, that is too predictable.

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Everyone must freeze in their position. Is one leg up? Are they doing the worm? If they move, they must sit frozen in that spot, criss-cross applesauce and wait to see who can freeze the longest. No blinking or twitching allowed. Bug in a Rug - This is an oldie, but a goodie.

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Everyone sits in the circle. Grab a blanket or a big beach towel. Now, pick one child to leave the room or wear a fun blindfold.

Teacher picks a student. Just point at the child, grab their hand and take them away from the group. Now, point at another child and then to the "rug".

Hide the child under the " rug. Can they guess who is missing? Pass the Movement - I played this for years with preschoolers and school-age children in summer camps, but I didn't give it a name. I found the name at Preksharing Blog. She says it is adapted from a book published inbut we used to do this years ago in summer camp and afterschool programs. Just goes to show, great minds think alike!

It is simple to play. Teacher starts with a movement.As kids, we always awaited just one thing, playtime!

We know of many games that we have played in our childhood, but there might be some you didn't know of, and wouldn't want your kid or cousins to miss! We give you some really simple and fun circle time activities and games that your kids would love to play!

Those days were fun, kept us healthy and fit, made us socially interactive, and taught us that winning alone is not always important, rather the whole idea of participating and putting efforts in trying to achieve something, is!

Today, as technology takes over, kids want to sit at home with their phones, tablets, or PlayStation, and play virtually. This gives rise to addiction and closes the doors to real and fun games that are played with people and not with machines. Would you like to write for us? Well, we're looking for good writers who want to spread the word. Get in touch with us and we'll talk Here are some interesting circle time activities for preschoolers! This game is more fun when played with a large number of kids.

Holding one end of the wool string, he calls out a name, and throws the ball of wool to him. This creates a string of connection between the two.

The kid who receives the ball, repeats the process by throwing it to some other kid. Repeated throws make a web of wool strings. The game gets interesting when the web is to be unwound using the same process! If someone does the action, when Simon simply gives instructions without using the keyword, that kid is evicted!

One kid starts with saying his name, and the food he likes. The third kid repeats the same, but also says the names and foods of the previous kids. This is a good mind game, and is best for knowing each other in the circle.

One kid takes the name of an animal. This game can be played with many variations, like names of places or other things. In this fun game, kids get to learn a lot, as well as practice thinking. It starts with a kid saying the number 1 aloud.

Preschool Circle Time: Activities and Ideas for a Preschool Circle Time

The next kid says 2, but the one after that will say BUZZ. The word buzz is to be said at multiples of 3 3, 6, 9, 12 …7 7, 14, 21, 28 …and double numbers 11, 22, 33, 44 …. The difficulty level can be increased or decreased by changing the BUZZ-associated numbers. This is a fun game, where different categories are named, like colors, animals, cities, etc. But this needs to be done very quickly. A clapping sequence is set, like 2 claps, 2 snaps.

At the end of the second snap, the kid next in turn must take a name, or he is evicted.Are the kids engaged? Do you all look forward to doing it each day? Could it use a little tweaking? Would you like to make your time literacy-rich?

Circle time activities are a great way to build community and build literacy skills. Before we add any literacy-rich activities into our circle time, we need to check to make sure that what we are already doing during circle time is effective and working.

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I like to think of it as a little circle time audit. Think back to your last circle time.

circle activity for preschool

What activities worked well and had the kids super engaged? Now, think about why. Could you more authentically do the weather outside at recess? Is circle time lasting too long?

A quick but thorough audit of circle time will help you find areas that you can tweak or areas you can add in some literacy-rich circle time activities. There are some concepts and skills that work especially well for circle time. Here are some of them. Later in the post we will talk about hands-on activities to work on some of these ideas.

I like to use a signal song to call the kids to our circle time. You are welcome to access that list for free.

A good morning song is a great way to welcome the kids. Here is a free one that you can print and use. For even more greeting songs that also work on name recognition, check out these other songs.The best part of circle time is the routine it creates for children.

They know what to expect when the day begins. Once they learn the routine, they will establish an order of events. Holding circle time in the same way is beneficial to young students. Circle time for the younger age should be held for minutes. Avoid long teacher-led discussions. Also, be prepared to stop, shorten or change an activity that is not working or if the students quickly lose interest.

Reintroduce the concept in a new way or another day. Signs that students are growing tired are when they begin to squirm or wiggle around. For preschool students, name tags work well to organize students for the circle time meeting. This will allow you to teach both first and last names at different times of the year. Prior to calling the students to the circle time area or rug, place their name-tags on the rug. Call each student by name and have the students find their card, spell their name, and sit on the card.

Teachers may choose to collect the tags after each student has arrived on the rug or at the end of circle time. Review each concept every day during the circle time meeting. Plan one brief activity per concept. For example, if your letter of the week is Ll, then plan a song, a short book, a short poem, or a letter Ll activity for example, make a poster of pictures some of which begin with the letter Ll and some that do not.

Then have the students come forward to circle the pictures that begin with the letter Ll. Do the same for the other concepts you are teaching that week. Make it exciting. When introducing a new letter of the week, hide the letter in the closet and give the students hints about the letter. This can be as simple as a cardboard letter, or a letter written on a balloon for safety reasons, keep a balloon out of the reach of small children.

Students will anticipate with joy the newest addition to the alphabet! Include an action song with hand or body motions. Use the same song every day. One of the best song websites is KIDiddles. Here you will find an action circle time song and a corresponding song sheet. This song is not for morning or afternoon, making it a perfect choice for either session. Include a story of the week for circle time.

The story should be theme related. Read it every day and plan to act out the story on Friday. Gather a few props from the classroom to use when enacting the story. This will make the story come to life for the preschoolers. Include a writing activity so students see the proper way to form letters and words.

This can be accomplished through writing on the, What are We Doing Today? Be sure to include picture associations. This can also be moved to the end of the day for a closing circle time and called, What Did We Do Today?

End the day with a brief good-bye meeting.

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